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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Biotherm Haul-a-Rama

I may have mentioned before that I absolutely adore Biotherm's skin care line. Naturally, when I was looking for a good night cream, that's the first place I headed.

They recently released a new product, Aquasource Nuit, that has been getting amazing reviews online. I tried the tester in the store and was sold instantly. It's a gel formula that feels really light but packs some major moisture in a really small amount. I like that I don't have to cake my face in moisturizer to get the effects and it absorbs really well. I've used it for the past couple weeks and within a few days my skin felt softer and looked more luminous.

At $44 (ShoppersDrugMart) this moisturizer is a bit on the pricey side, however I only need 1.5 pumps to cover my entire face. This will last quite some time.

Shoppers also had a deal where if you spend a certain amount on Biotherm products, you receive a gift package for $25. I was running out of toner and needed to buy another one. Spending $5 more than what the toner would've cost was a great deal for what I received!

The gift included:

Biosource Hydra-Mineral Cleanser-Toning Mousse
Full Size - $19.

Biosource Instant Hydration Toning Lotion
125ml - Full Size 200ml - $19

Lait Corporel Anti-Drying Body Milk
125ml - Full Size 400ml $35

Lait De Gommage Exfoliating Shower Milk
50ml- Full Size 200ml $35
Lait Solare SPF 30
Small Sample - Full Size 75ml $25

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something in there. It came with a nice beach bag as well. I'm pretty lucky to have really generous women working at the SDM I go to. They also gave me samples of a new Biotherm line called PURE.FECT Skin. Micro-Exfoliating toner?! Yes please! 

Overall it was an amazing deal. I already use the cleanser and the toner as part of my daily skin care so having extra is never a bad thing. The new micro-exfoliating toner is nice as well. I've used it for about a week. Honestly, there isn't much of a difference between that and what I currently use so I probably won't switch.

What skin care products do you swear by?

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