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Friday, June 1, 2012

May 2012 Glossybox!

Hey guys!

My glossybox arrived yesterday (last day of May so it's ok!) and I'm really starting to think my mailman thinks I'm a weirdo. I'm going to try not to say "yesssssssss" next time he delivers it :)

Just going to do a quick post of what I got in my box. My good camera's battery wasn't charged so please excuse the phone quality photos.

As always, the beautiful pink box. This box was actually a shade darker than the last one.

Once I opened the box, I was ecstatic. I actually need to buy 3 of the things I received this month so it's already saved me money! 

 I actually used this shampoo last night because I was fresh out (one of the things I needed to buy). This morning my hair was a lot more voluminous than it usually is when I sleep with a wet-head. I can't wait to try it when I have time/reason to style my hair. I've got good feelings about this. 

 Another product I used last night (and needed to buy). This foot cream is faaaaantastic. It's really thick and feels luxurious on. While it takes a bit to soak in, I woke up this morning with super soft feet! So much so that I cancelled my plans to get a pedicure this weekend. This is definitely going to be a repurchase. 

 I've wanted to try 'Simple' products for a while but haven't had the chance to. I've got to read the ingredient list on this and hopefully it doesn't contain any allergens. Pretty excited to try it out though. Really generous sample size.
And the third product that I needed to buy! I absolutely hate oil-based eye makeup remover. It's way too greasy and messy for me. I had a really good cream based one but it's been discontinued. I wasn't wearing much more than mascara when I tried this last night but it did the trick. No irritation either! 

 I received this gorgeous red Iman lipstick. I haven't swatched it yet but the colour itself is so rich that I think I'll love it. I couldn't get a good picture without the flash so it's a bit inaccurate. I'll post photos of swatches this weekend. There was also a coupon for a free Iman product at Sears included in the box. 

Overall, this box was a huge hit for me. It's really obvious why Glossybox is one of the top competitors in the Canadian beauty box game. Their sample sizes are fantastic and their products are usable! 

Did you receive your Glossybox this month? What did you think?

If you haven't signed up yet but are planning to, use promo code GLOSSY27 to receive 10% off your first box! 

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  1. Ooh I so want the glossybox to come to Belgium. I like the red lipstick a lot!