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Friday, April 13, 2012

Oohh it's been a while

Hey guys! First off, I'd like to apologize for not updating in the past two weeks. It's been pretty hectic over here and while our family has been blessed with the birth of twins, we've also experienced a loss. My great aunt passed on this past weekend after being sick for a while. She lived a wonderful 83 years and will be missed by all.

In happier news, my cousin, who has endometriosis, finally became pregnant after a 10 year battle with infertility and different procedures. I am ecstatic to announce that she has just given birth to twins! A boy and a girl! How much better could that possibly get?

I'd like to quickly share some photos of various nail looks that I've been sporting the past while. I love spring and being able to have fun with bright colours! In the future, I'll be dedicating one day per week to nail colours, but for now I'll just spam some photos I've taken recently.

The first, from a couple weeks ago, is a beautiful pink colour called Shrimply Divine by Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure - Shrimply Devine

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply last week to purchase something (really can't remember what) and saw that they had a special on China Glaze polishes! Naturally, I purchased more than I intended to. This is China Glaze in Pink Voltage and Turned Up Turquoise. (My apologies for the neon ghosting. Camera phone picked it up)


And last but not least, probably my favorite right now, China Glaze in Japanese Koi. I absolutely adore orange and had to buy this colour as soon as I saw it. It's a really rich shade that has a very deep tone to it while indoors. Outside in natural light, it's traffic stopping!

Today's Shade - ChinaGlaze Japanese Koi

I also purchased a few more that I haven't used yet. I'll save those for future posts.

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